When our elementary students return to school, (post-Covid-19) I think we need to consider returning to traditional desk arrangements, that being, in rows, one student behind the other.

This will help minimize the spread of any disease. Other benefits exist with this plan. Students can focus on the teacher without distractions. Currently many of our classrooms place desks in pods of 4, all facing each other. Down sides: 1 student in each pod, must turn around to view the teacher while trying to copy what is on the blackboard.

Another kid in that same pod is opening/closing his desk.

The third kid is staring blankly, irritating another kid who knocks the other kid's pencil off his desk. They sneeze across these desk pods, bothering all the others, it goes on and on. Rows of desks in our classrooms bring many benefits. Let's start thinking ahead.

Jeanne Lee