I am appalled at the Guest Commentary by Dr. Roger Hull on Oct. 28. The opposite side of this coin is that the playbook of Obama-Biden and Hillary is that of Saul Alinski, how to turn a country communist.

One, healthcare for all so the people feel beholden to government.

Two, raise taxes to pay for all of the free ideas proposed (we know, not free), then no one will have money.

Three, dumb down the children socially and educationally (I’d say the U.S. ranking 25th in the world during Obama-Biden has accomplished that, with liberals not teaching American history and civics. We are a superpower. We should be ranked in the top five. Plato said the most important thing in society is who is teaching our children? And what are they teaching?

Four, get rid of religion.

Five, take away guns so no one can protect themselves.

What party does all of this sound like?

There are maybe five more points in Alinsky’s playbook but you get the picture.

As for Trump lying, the mainstream media lies 24/7 and is 95% negative against the president. A great disservice to their viewers, only telling the viewers what they think they should know, like North Korea. They have not even mentioned the fact that the president received five nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize or the truth of the matter that in the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 675,000 died in the U.S. alone, putting in perspective 220,000. We are lucky.

Shirley Robotka