Math is a powerful tool that can be wielded for either good or evil. Whether it’s the careless placement of a decimal or the intentional deception using statistics, the appearance, at least on the surface, is suspect.

Austin Montgomery’s article entitled, “ Beloit Health System preparing to vaccinate young children as mandate looms for staff” attempts to point out the miniscule amount of adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine. He lists the number of 74 people with issues out of the total of 93,000 that have received the vaccine as 0.0007%.

While that percentage would indicate to the reader such a minute chance of having issues, it is patently false from a statistical viewpoint. Stating that number as a percentage underestimates those who have experienced issues by 100 fold.

I challenge each of you to look at the math. Statistics matter, but usually it is more important to consider the source and their agenda. Push yourself to be informed, ask questions, and ferret out the truth in the media, and point it out when it does not exist.

The real number, by the math, in case you are interested is 0.079% or 100 times more likely than he reported. Innocent mistake? You decide.



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