Thank you, everyone. We ran a positive campaign but we didn’t run a winning campaign. Congratulations to Rock County Clerk Lisa Tollefson on a clear re-election victory.

I thank every single person who voted for me, and all who voted, period. Thanks to the many different people who helped and supported our campaign throughout. Thanks also to everyone who contributed money to this campaign or supported it with an endorsement.

I am very grateful to you, and hope the way we ran our campaign made you feel proud of lending your name, or opening your wallet to us. I’m also very grateful to have so many good-hearted people in my life who helped with the campaign as well as provided support over the past 3 months.

We showed that in government and politics, the values of transparency, accountability and being community-minded, still matter. We didn’t win but we made people take notice.

I urge everyone to vote in the November 3rd election, and remember that in the end, we - voters - are all in this together. This land is your land.

Yuri Rashkin