When Pam Charles first ran for our School Board I did not support her.

What I have observed over the past years has helped to change my mind.

1. Pam has stood up to bullying behavior and tried to unify the board to meet the needs of our students rather than single issues advocated by some board members.

2. Pam knows the law, the issues, and the details of Board policy and procedures.

3. Pam has learned that to be a good school board member you need to put aside political ideology. It must be a nonpartisan position. We don’t need political party influences and interference.

Pam has grown greatly in her role as a board member.

Her leadership will be needed.

For Beloit City Council, Dr. Brittany Keyes has a sincere and dedicated passion to help make Beloit the best possible community to raise a family and enhance our culture.

Besides working to improve our housing stock and home ownership for our citizens, she wants to help attract more living wage jobs to Beloit.

Brittany will also work with our surrounding communities to find positive ways for all to share services for greater efficiency and delivery. Hopefully it will lead to a savings for all the taxpayers.

Brittany will represent all of our citizens with dedication and a positive outlook for Beloit.

David Luebke