Democratic Governor Evers I believe has proven he is not a man of his word, stating he would work with Republicans in the state legislature but resisted every issue.

Stated he wouldn't lockdown the state due to COVID-19 on a Friday but Monday or Tuesday locked us down; which was declared unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court, violating the Wisconsin Constitution. There was an illegal recording of a conversation with Senate Majority Leader and the Assembly Speaker. Evers stated he had no knowledge of the call being recorded; so he was either lying or incredibly incompetent. If he knew about the recording and is covering it up, he could be incompetent or involved in a felony cover-up.

Evers' administration, I believe, has repeatedly displayed bad faith and an unwillingness to work with the State Senate and Assembly. Evers' deadlock actions directly impact everyone of us as Wisconsin's once incredible economy dwindled to debt.

I think we can anticipate more hyper-politics, distortions and never ending mistruths, by electing Democrats locally, statewide and nationally. This November please vote for every Republican.

Nancy Nau