How many Democrats are aware that the party purged its last remaining pro-life congressman, Dan Lipinski (IL, 3rd District), in the 2018 election?

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin was a consistent guest on the pro-life chicken dinner circuit in Illinois. He traded his state legislative seat for a seat in Congress in 1982. Now, like every congressional Democrat, he’s pro-abortion. What does this say about Durbin’s core principles?

We need a sheriff in the Senate! Former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran is running for Durbin’s Senate seat. Mark Curran has a record of standing up for life and the rule of law. Unlike Durbin and Democrat leadership, Curran condemns “protesters” burning buildings.

What does it mean that not once, during the Democrat convention, did a single Democrat mention the cities that were burning? Portland is still burning! Do you want to be victimized by Black Lives Matter and antifa activists? Do we want our homes attacked by bored youth, who don’t know or care what they are protesting? Can you stand 2 more years of Nancy Pelosi announcing her next attack on a duly elected president? Looking forward to more corruption in Springfield? If not, vote straight Republican. Esther Joy King is smart and will serve you in the 17th District congressional seat.

Winnebago County citizens should vote no on county executive form of government, and no on so-called Fair Tax. Why would you give Madigan unlimited power to tax?

Jane Ryan Carrell