Leadership is skill that enables a person to mentor and build consensus, create a positive work environment and culture, articulate a shared vision, set a course for success that includes everyone, and the ability to do so with kindness and integrity. At this time, we want to publicly thank and acknowledge the one person who has embodied and demonstrated those qualities – Interim Superintendent Sue Green.

In January when we hired Sue we knew that it would be for a short period of time and we are so grateful that her stay with us has been for six months. Also, at that time, we knew that there would be some challenges and trust building that would need to take place, we had no idea, nor did anyone else, that this would also include navigating a pandemic.

We appreciate her taking the reins and leading our district through this unprecedented time in our city and in our nation. Our students, families and staff were always her number one priority in all of her recommendations and decision making. We have truly valued her guidance, management and direction over the past several months. She has created a solid foundation for our district as we move forward.

We wish her the very best in all her future plans. We thank her again for the positive way in which she has impacted our district. We, as a board, will continue to advance her positive influence on our district.

As John F. Kenney eloquently stated, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Sue, thank you for being the rising tide in our district.

(Submitted by President Kyle Larsen on behalf of the School District of Beloit Board of Education and members Megan Miller, vice president; Stephanie Jacobs, treasurer; John Wong, clerk; Spencer Anderson; Maria Delgado; Aimee Leavy)