It seems good news that Gov. Tony Evers has signed off on the Ho-Chunk Nation's casino project. Let's all hope that this project proves to provide the economic boost for the area predicted by tribal, city and county officials.

I read with interest the revenue sharing agreement between the Nation, the city of Beloit, and the county of Rock. Apparently 2% of net win proceeds will be paid to the city and county, with the city receiving 70% and the county receiving 30%.

You may recall when the town of Beloit was seeking incorporation, the town stood to receive two-thirds of the utility revenue funds from the Alliant Energy project, and the county would receive one-third. How ironic that at the time City Manager Lori Luther Curtis vehemently argued that it was not right that the residents of the town should receive those proceeds and incorporation should not be allowed for the "good of the greater community."

How hypocritical of her now to feel that the residents of the city should benefit by receiving the bulk of the tribal funds rather than have them go to the "greater community".

County Administrator Josh Smith also opposed the town's incorporation effort and argued it was the county that should receive the two-thirds share of the utility revenue. He all but assured the community he would resolve the opioid epidemic with those funds. There has been little evidence of that.

Perhaps if the county would get 70% of the tribal money?