Did you know that as part of the “American Rescue Act (ARPA) of 2021 there is a provision within the Act known as the Federal Tax Mandate?

That Federal Tax Mandate ties the hands of state governments from lowering your taxes for 3 years! They can raise taxes all they want. The Biden administration and congressional liberals are telling the states they can’t lower your taxes for 3 years!

This clearly appears to be a violation of the 10th Amendment by the liberal controlled federal government. Our founding fathers by writing in the 10th Amendment to our U.S. Constitution clearly did not want the Federal government telling the states how to run their budgets. Liberals Tammy Baldwin, Ron Kind, Mark Pocan, and Gwen Moore approved forbidding Wisconsin’s ability to lower your taxes!

Thank God our State Legislature by statute can direct the Wisconsin Attorney General to act and they have done just that. Assembly Resolution 16 (AR16) under Wisconsin Statutes, Section 165.25(1m)directs the Attorney General to join the state as a plaintiff in State of West Virginia v. US Department of the Treasury Case No. 7:21-CV-465 (ND Ala. Filed March 31, 2021) to stop this overreach. Thank you to the Republicans in the State Assembly!

I fully support our state legislature’s move to represent all tax payers in Wisconsin and to join in the law suit to protect not just you and me but state’s rights across the country.



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