Why can’t we look

out for one another?

The COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of abating.

A new variant of the virus has now surfaced and is even more contagious than what we’ve experienced. The post Christmas surge is emerging, and if California is an indication, we are in for a disastrous few months.

Most retail outlets have posted signs requiring those entering to wear masks. These stores employees wear masks to protect both themselves and customers. Invariably, some customers do their shopping maskless. It is understandable that store managers are reluctant to alert customers as to the mask requirement. In these pandemic economic times, profit margins are tight, and the loss of even one customer can’t be risked.

During this pandemic, we must be invested in the well being of others—not only for our own survival but that of our friends and neighbors. The pandemic has proven that we impact one another and need one another more than we have been led to believe. Each of us must accept responsibility for the safety and well being of those around us.

Can’t we all wear masks in public and most particularly in retail settings where contacts with others can’t be avoided? The new more contagious virus means all of us are possibly infectious. Until vaccinations become widespread, is it too much to ask that we don masks to keep both us and others safe and well during this devastating health crisis?



Too many unaware of Trumpism blast radius

The Trump corruption’s blast radius is now at a point where no metaphor is sufficient enough to describe the effect its had on our country.

This election has not only seen the Ukraine shakedown and Trump strong-arming the Georgia secretary of state to illegally find him 11,780 votes to overturn the election there, but now a terrorist coup of the center of our democracy, the people’s house.

But what saddens me even more than these three crimes, in as much as that should even be possible, is that a significant percentage of our citizens will still support this man. Our democracy has been under attack by this president and the Republican Party for four years, now, and yet so many still don’t see or understand the deep significance of all that has happened in terms of their attack on our democracy. They find conspiracy theory more attractive than facts and are lost in the right wing conspiracy theory news outlets that have captured their minds.

That is the blast radius Trumpism. To that I can only provide a cautionary quote by Somerset Maugham, “If a nation values anything more than its freedom, it will lose its freedom, the irony of it is that whatever that it values more, it will lose that too”.



Neither party has a corner on righteousness

I first heard the news on the car radio.

After seeing the results on TV this morning, I am filled with sadness. Reading that Trump had held a rally, reiterating that the presidency was stolen from him, before a crowd headed to the Capitol building, I see the cause as neither Republican nor Democrat. Just Trump, who really represents neither.

Neither party has a corner on “right”—meaning righteous. It has nothing to do with right versus wrong. I see the strength of the Republican Party as being guided by the law of the land. I trust Republicans to look at the laws, to evaluate them for effectiveness and fitness for the country’s current situation.

I see the strength of the Democrats as taking into account the needs of the people. Are the laws being administered fairly? Are the citizens being treated equally?

A mix of both is a benefit to all. I will vote accordingly. As a citizen, I am expected to keep myself informed. For that reason, I receive both the Beloit Daily News and a statewide newspaper. The radio and TV news do not inform the mind as well as thoughtful journalists do. Yesterday’s Beloit Daily News had great editorials not found in the WSJ written before the sad events of the day.

I have long felt that Trump was a party unto himself.

I pray that the Lord will bless our country, as it heals from this disaster.



Millennials have challenges not faced

by baby boomers

I look back to the baby boomers and the opportunities they were given.

The workforce once valued an employee than showed loyalty. You were once able to retire with pension when you stayed in one job. The baby boomers had perks like bonuses and benefits with lower deductibles, more coverage and at less cost.

Millennials went to college only to find they could not get a job in their field of expertise. We were met with an older generation that wouldn’t or couldn’t retire, and I’m not blaming the older generation, they had to deal with inflated medication pricing that kept them working.

However, before saying my generation is lazy or worthless, consider that our costs are doubled and our wages do not reflect or match. Not to mention the lack of affordable housing.

I get it, though, we couldn’t possibly match wages with the cost of living because if minimum wage raised we would have to raise wages across the board.

You see, I am a student teacher. We don’t make much, and once I have my associate degree, I still wouldn’t make $15 an hour. It’s no secret that teachers are some of the lowest paid, and that’s OK. We go into the profession knowing that the difference we will make will be our biggest reward.

Think with me about this: If the minimum wage raises, how will teachers be compensated and reevaluated? It will have to be a real conversation, it really is a double-edged sword.



It was posers, not Trumpers, at Capitol riot

Trumpers did not riot at the Capitol. Those were posers and from phillyantifa.org.

President Trump never told them to riot. Republican voters do not riot like antifa and BLM do.

A photo of one of the men arrested for the Capitol riot showed that he was associated with phillyantifa. Maxine Waters incited riots, and nothing happened to her. Other Democrat lawmakers incited and filed hate against Republicans. It started in 2016 with their chant “not my President” and blocking traffic on Interstates.

If Trump had 88 million followers on social media, he would have had at least 88 million votes. Millions of ballots were shredded, destroyed and thrown out in dumpsters. We need an entire new election with integrity. No more illegal voters using dead people’s identities and false IDs. Recounts cannot recover destroyed ballots. Stop the lies. What happened to authentic journalism having both sides reporting?

Why does Biden allow a 100-plus-size crowd at the inauguration if it is because of COVID-19? Would it matter if the crowd was 100 or 1 million? He is just making it look like those are the rules because Biden cannot get a massive crowd, neither could Hillary or Kaine get that size crowd in 2016. Watch footage.



Evidence of election

fraud is ubiquitous

There are only three reasons why a person would not believe that massive fraud had taken place in the 2020 election. First, they can’t imagine that the nightly news would outright lie about what had transpired; second, they own no smart phone or computer, or don’t know how to search the internet with it; or third, they have no curiosity.

The evidence of the fraud is ubiquitous and convincing. Here are a few of the anomalies of the 2020 election. Can these all be true at the same time?

• Joe Biden carried the fewest counties a presidential winner ever carried.

• Joe Biden exceeded Barack Obama’s first term election vote total by 15 million votes.

• President Trump exceeded his 2016 vote totals with Blacks, Hispanics and Jews, and won 95% of Republicans.

• In New York City and Chicago, in states not critical to the election because they always go Democrat, Biden drew fewer votes than Hillary Clinton had.

• In Georgia, there is film footage of election workers pulling four suitcases (not mail trays) containing ballots out from under tables after partisan election observers were removed from the room.

• Big city election headquarters in four swing states, where Trump had commanding leads, all ceased counting ballots and evicted partisan election observers at about the same time, 10:30 pm. When they resumed counting, the votes were amazingly consistent for Joe Biden.

• Attorney General Bill Barr stated he saw no evidence of election fraud. Not one of the 300-plus election observers who filed affidavits of observed fraud under penalty of perjury has been interviewed by the FBI.

If the outright evidence of fraud will be ignored, and Biden is seated as president, America will have joined the ranks of Banana republics. How can this stand?

Jane Ryan Carrell


Beloit schools can

safely reopen with common sense

The reopening of Beloit Public Schools during this pandemic is a matter of public policy that will take planning, common sense, honesty and a bit of courage.

While public policy should be based on scientific and statistical facts, it is often influenced by perception and popular opinion. Every other school district in Rock County has reopened without resulting in any associated increased community spread of COVID-19.

Medical experts, with the aid of the media, suggest that minority populations are at an increased risk for contracting and dying from the virus. The Beloit School District has a higher percentage of minority students compared to the surrounding school districts. This fact may be contributing to the fears of the teachers and the administration in the Beloit public schools.

To date, however, there is no evidence that members of the various minority groups are more likely to spread the COVID-19 virus compared to their non-minority counterparts.

The CDC, and Harvard School of Public Health offer plans to reopen schools as safely as possible. These plans include social distancing, face masks, hand washing and a number of other mitigation measures that may be implemented, depending on the extent of community transmission.

Schools across the country and across the world have successfully reopened. Beloit schools can also reopen, even before vaccines are widely available, if fear is replaced with knowledge, common sense and safe practices.

It will take courage and strong, intelligent leadership to make this work. The children of Beloit deserve our best efforts.