‘Thanks to the

election workers’

On behalf of the Beloit City Council, we sincerely thank everyone involved in last Tuesday’s election, especially the voters, election workers and city employees who made the process more efficient.

To the voters, thank you for exercising your right to vote. We are grateful that so many individuals chose to vote absentee. This certainly helped us in protecting vulnerable residents and reduced the wait at polling locations. For those who voted in person on Tuesday, thank you for your patience with city staff and election workers as they assisted others moving through the lines.

Thanks to our poll workers and election officials who put in countless hours on the days and weeks leading up to and following the election. We are so grateful that you stepped up to help administer this historic election. We appreciate everyone for your commitment to preserving democracy during these challenging times.

Also, we are grateful for all of the planning and hard work put into this election. For those individuals who continued to provide core city services, filling in for those who took on Election Day roles, we applaud you, too.

We are proud of how our staff served the Beloit community with adaptability, flexibility and genuine courtesy. The election process was smooth and well organized. We recognize everyone for the positive steps they took to keep voters safe while protecting democracy here in Beloit.

Regina Dunkin


Beloit City Council

‘Trick or treat

a huge success’

Here is a big thank you to all the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, sisters and brothers and all the children who made trick or treat night a huge success this year.

All the children were polite, said thanks, and wished everyone a happy Halloween.

The caravans of kids waited patiently in line in the street and came through to the houses in an orderly fashion. Whoever helped organize trick or treat this year did an excellent job.

A lot of us older folks look forward to seeing the costumes and the happy kids. This year was not a disappointment. Thanks for a fun night.

Wendy Borchert


‘Dems want to turn

country communist’

I am appalled at the Guest Commentary by Dr. Roger Hull on Oct. 28. The opposite side of this coin is that the playbook of Obama-Biden and Hillary is that of Saul Alinski, how to turn a country communist.

One, healthcare for all so the people feel beholden to government.

Two, raise taxes to pay for all of the free ideas proposed (we know, not free), then no one will have money.

Three, dumb down the children socially and educationally (I’d say the U.S. ranking 25th in the world during Obama-Biden has accomplished that, with liberals not teaching American history and civics. We are a superpower. We should be ranked in the top five. Plato said the most important thing in society is who is teaching our children? And what are they teaching?

Four, get rid of religion.

Five, take away guns so no one can protect themselves.

What party does all of this sound like?

There are maybe five more points in Alinsky’s playbook but you get the picture.

As for Trump lying, the mainstream media lies 24/7 and is 95% negative against the president. A great disservice to their viewers, only telling the viewers what they think they should know, like North Korea. They have not even mentioned the fact that the president received five nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize or the truth of the matter that in the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 675,000 died in the U.S. alone, putting in perspective 220,000. We are lucky.

Shirley Robotka


‘Well done with

name selection’

I want to congratulate the Beloit Turner School Board for their excellent choice of a name for the new intermediate school.

I think Garden Prairie Intermediate School is wonderful. I had suggested my wife, Joan’s name, as she was on the Beloit Turner School Board for so many years. But there were so many possibilities. So many former administrators, school board members and teachers who could have been named.

But if you named one person you would have left out so many others. I can think of at least two, if not three, former administrators, several former school board members and at least a half dozen former teachers who could have had the school named for them.

Therefore, I say “well done” to the Beloit Turner School Board. I look forward to walking in the new school when it is safe to do so.

Rev. Ian A. Stirrat