‘Gustina does

not have experience’

I value and respect the desire for public service. Ms. Gustina I’m afraid is clearly out of her depth though in the 45th District.

Google and watch the two wiseye.org candidate interviews. Spreitzer: (10:13) Gustina: (12:57)

1) If TG is so earnest for public service how come there is zero prior community service cited on her website? None. No boards, no commissions, committee work, kid’s school or even volunteer experience of any kind to highlight? No prior experience serving in a group and having to be accountable making the hard decisions that impact others? Nothing is cited on a very slim bio.

2) TG puts a lot of stock into not being a “career politician.” Fair enough. Lots of bad ones out there. There are also worthy public servants trying to make a difference and we need discernment. Many people know early on that they want to enter public service; the military, police, fire, doctors, nurses, educators, social workers, ministry work. The good ones have studied and prepared. Walk-ons don’t generally get the gig... thankfully.

Leading simply with ‘Pick me, I’ve no inexperience and he does!’ is not smart.

A fine woman with admirable intentions, Ms. Gustina is neither experienced nor prepared for the responsibilities of the WI State Assembly that impacts many of us. I suggest a little humility and starting with some commission, committee or volunteer work. They’re all looking for help. Let’s see how well you work first.

Just my opinion. Not that you asked.

Rick McGrath


‘Cast a straight

Republican ballot’

How many Democrats are aware that the party purged its last remaining pro-life congressman, Dan Lipinski (IL, 3rd District), in the 2018 election?

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin was a consistent guest on the pro-life chicken dinner circuit in Illinois. He traded his state legislative seat for a seat in Congress in 1982. Now, like every congressional Democrat, he’s pro-abortion. What does this say about Durbin’s core principles?

We need a sheriff in the Senate! Former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran is running for Durbin’s Senate seat. Mark Curran has a record of standing up for life and the rule of law. Unlike Durbin and Democrat leadership, Curran condemns “protesters” burning buildings.

What does it mean that not once, during the Democrat convention, did a single Democrat mention the cities that were burning? Portland is still burning! Do you want to be victimized by Black Lives Matter and antifa activists? Do we want our homes attacked by bored youth, who don’t know or care what they are protesting? Can you stand 2 more years of Nancy Pelosi announcing her next attack on a duly elected president? Looking forward to more corruption in Springfield? If not, vote straight Republican. Esther Joy King is smart and will serve you in the 17th District congressional seat.

Winnebago County citizens should vote no on county executive form of government, and no on so-called Fair Tax. Why would you give Madigan unlimited power to tax?

Jane Ryan Carrell


‘How to control

unexpected bills’

As a former nurse, I know how important the Hippocratic ethos is to the medical community: “First, do no harm.”

That’s why I’m so concerned that hard working people who pay their health insurance premiums each month continue to receive unexpected medical bills for the care they need, oftentimes from an emergency room visit.

As our nation is still in the middle of the worst public health crisis in a century, the issue of surprise medical billing remains an urgent problem in our healthcare system. In the past two years, one in five insured adults had an unexpected medical bill from an out-of-network provider. Two-thirds of adults are worried about affording these bills for themselves and their family.

To fix this growing problem, insurance companies just want to ask Congress to pass “rate-setting” legislation which would allow them to reimburse doctors at a rate far below the actual cost of care. Rate setting is a one-sided solution that only favors insurance companies.

A far more effective solution is for Congress to solve surprise billing through an independent dispute resolution. This creates a fair and neutral process for a third-party to resolve disputes between insurance companies and healthcare providers. Patients are kept out of the middle and aren’t stuck with unanticipated bills.

During this time of increased demand for medical providers, Congress should follow the example of the Hippocratic oath and pass this legislation that ensures patients can continue to access and afford the best doctors and care.

Kathy Woodworth


‘Nass has opposed mitigation efforts’

Senator Nass has worked tirelessly and unceasingly to make sure that Gov. Tony Evers and Secretary Designee of the Wisconsin Department of Health, Andrera Palm, are prevented from putting forward any directives protecting Wisconsin’s citizens from the coronavirus that is ravaging our state.

Sen. Nass was ecstatic when the Wisconsin Supreme Court kneecapped Ever’s attempts to slow the virus by requiring businesses and citizens to minimize public spread. Ever’s follow-up precautionary Covid -19 protections designed to reduce person to person transmission led Nass to demand a special session of the legislature to ban any and all efforts by the governor and his designee from any rule making relative to the pandemic.

Nass was adamant that court action was too slow to halt Evers’ abuse of power. Nass contends that only the Republican controlled legislature has the power to respond to the health crisis confronting our state. Sen. Nass offers no mitigation virus plan; astonishingly claiming people are making prudent decisions to the risks presented by Covid -19 (Wisconsin ranks near the top of all states in new infections).

Sen.Nass has now determined that the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules, of which he is co-chairman, has the power to suspend all provisions or parts of any emergency rule issued by a state agency. “Atta -Boy”, Sen. Nass. Surely your actions to take control of Wisconsin’s Covid-19 response will free us from this disease, killing and sickening, so many of our family, friends and neighbors.

Jerry Hanson