With the easing of the pandemic restrictions more people are leaving their homes and interacting with one another. Gun violence is once again an American phenomenon. In response states are enacting gun laws that ban localities from obeying federal gun laws. States like Texas, Iowa and Tennessee are using record gun violence to make sure there are more guns in the hands of their citizens.

Those that stand behind the Second Amendment have promised that guns would provide Americans with some level of personal protection. Guns would provide a safe and secure America for its citizens. More guns would prevent crime. Instead it has provided unbelievable levels of violence and death.

There is no point on which the widespread presence of firearms has made America in any sense better and safer than in other democratic nations that do not allow firearms to run rampant among their citizens. There are those in our country who insist the only solution for our plague of gun violence is still more weapons.

It is turning out that more guns don’t keep us safer; but result in more gun violence, death and little else. It’s time to make things better not worse. At the very least we should work diligently to revise the model of firearm availability in the United States. We must walk back from a system that is bringing widespread violence and death.



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