I want to draw attention to an issue facing over 29,000 Wisconsin families.

Grain production is a major contributor to our state’s GDP and has made Wisconsin the eighth-largest ethanol producer in the country. President Trump’s commitment to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) offers hope for growth, but more must be done to alleviate the pain that farmers are facing.

Specifically, the president must address the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) refinery exemptions, the root of the demand destruction weighing down farm income. These waivers exempt refineries from ethanol blending requirements under the RFS. Recipients of these waivers have been oil giants like Chevron and Exxon. It’s time for the president to deliver on his promises and demand his EPA fully account for all gallons lost to these exemptions — a commitment the EPA purposefully avoided in a final rule announced this December.

President Trump recently visited Wisconsin as a part of his Keep America Great campaign. I urge him to remember his promise to revitalize rural Wisconsin and America.

Casey Kelleher


Wisconsin Corn

Growers Association