For the past 15 years the Greater Beloit Economic Development Corporation and the Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce have undertaken and supported the Practice Interview Initiative at Beloit Memorial High School. This Program involves over 60 community leaders who have volunteered their time in the classroom and at Interview Sessions to work with students to prepare them for the next step in their careers. This effort involves classroom instruction about resumes, first impressions, and a workshop where students build a job-ready resume to present at a 15-20 minute Practice Interview with a community leader. This Initiative is totally supported by the teachers and staff at Beloit Memorial High School and is part of the grade for each of the over 300 Sophomore Students who were interviewed. Many thanks to everyone who has participated in this program over the years because it demonstrates how the Greater Beloit Community can work with Schools in a “hands on” Initiative to make a positive difference in the lives of our students. One Interviewer who was the Human Resource Director at a major Stateline Company stated that the 4 students that he interviewed were high and above the quality of those that he interviewed in real time at his company. While not every student meets this high interview standard it is good to know that there are many students who are being prepared for the next step in their future because of this program. Thanks should be extended to Mindy Koontz, Admin Asst for the GBEDC who helped with the logistics and also thanks also to Culvers & the GBEDC for providing gift cards to those high performing students.



Practice Interview Initiative

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