The Congressional Budget Office said that the House Democrat version of Biden's climate and social spending legislation would increase federal deficits by $367 billion over the next decade. The CBO is required to score bills as they are presented. They are not able to make reasonable assumptions. The score does not reflect any of the dishonest gimmicks Democrats put in the bill like funding their expensive programs for one year knowing full well they will exist forever once created.

A Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania report places the cost of the Democrats spending explosion at $4.6 trillion over 10 years, with Democrat gimmicks removed. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget places the 10 year cost at $4.9 trillion.

Democrats have claimed that the bill is fully paid for and only the rich will see tax increases. But the bill contains goodies for the rich like the expansion of the deduction for state and local taxes from $10,000 to $80,000. Millionaires in five blue states are the only ones that are going to benefit from this expansion.

What does the middle class get in the bill? A methane fee that will raise the price of natural gas for everyone by 30%.

Democrat Joe Manchin has denounced the explosion of the federal debt and increased inflation, which was at a crippling 6.2% for the year ending in October, because of the devastating impact it will have on our national debt, economy, and the American people.



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