Letter to Editor

On August 26, 2021 the ribbon cutting ceremony occurred to open the new headquarters for the Rock County Health Services building. In addition to health services, the job center and probation services will be housed in this building. The dedication was historically significant because the building was named in honor of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams who is widely recognized as the first surgeon to perform successful open heart surgery in this country. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, a Black man, was born in 1858 and was a resident of Rock County, having lived in Edgerton and Janesville.

The center serves many residents from Beloit but there was a lack of participation from Beloit officials. Although the Beloit Daily News ran a story in July, the actual ribbon cutting occurred over a month later. The center is located in the renovated Pik and Save building at 1717 Center in Janesville. I hope people will stop in to see the displays done by staff from Hedberg Library and the Historical Society. We can all be proud of this effort by our Rock County elected officials and staff.

Dorothy J. Harrell

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