Republicans in Congress, both the House and Senate, have now ended our democracy as we have known it.

Their actions in the impeachment trial have established that Congress is no longer a co-equal branch of government. The congressional Republicans have declared that the executive branch holds the reins of power. The president can do anything that he/she wants regardless of congressional concerns. The president or anyone for that matter can seek the assistance of foreign governments in our elections as this is no longer subject to congressional oversight.

Impeachment for all intents and purposes is no longer an option. The Republicans have mandated that whomever occupies the office of the presidency is not obligated to turnover any evidence, documents or allow witnesses from any institutions of government to Congress. The checks and balances set forth in our Constitution that balances the power of the executive branch with the power of Congress has been voided.

We are no longer a government of, by and for the people but are now a government by one all powerful president. We are now at the very least a monarchy in which one individual holds a preeminent position of power or worse an autocracy, a government by one person having unlimited power.

The constitutional power of Congress to protect us from a dictator or monarch has been taken from “ We The People” and given to whichever political party holds power. Our 230 year experiment with democracy has ended.

Jerry Hanson