Once again Wisconsin made national news, further cementing its image as the most politically polarized state in the union.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, in a split decision with the usual conservative majority prevailing, sided with Republican legislative leaders and invalidated Gov. Tony Evers’ extension of the stay-at-home order related to the coronavirus crisis.

The net result is minimal, because the order was set to expire in a week anyway. Add to that the fact the court left intact any local orders put in place by counties or cities, including Rock and Green counties.

Where it leaves Wisconsin is in the embarrassing position of having no statewide plan whatsoever, because—as usual—Democrats and Republicans really didn’t even try to come up with one.

For a brief moment when all this started in February and early March, Wisconsin’s people and government seemed to come together. Within weeks, though, it was back to the same old partisan sniping. Just look at your social media feed. It’s a cinch you’ll find your conservative and liberal friends treating each other like blood-feud enemies.

Without taking sides, we’ll just say this: Hate wins again, because no matter what the Democrats and Republicans may argue, the fact is they combined to create yet another situation marked only by disagreement and hostility. Seriously, in the midst of a challenge of this magnitude, is this really the best we can do at the top?