A wait and see attitude is the best approach to change.

In this space four years ago, the Beloit Daily News said the right thing to do for everyone was to give President Trump a chance. Whether one voted for or against him, he was now the nation’s chief executive and all should want him to succeed. Rooting for him to fail was pretty close to rooting for the country to fail.

The newspaper had not endorsed Trump. Neither had it endorsed Hillary Clinton. The choices, in our view, were not very good.

Fast forward to 2021. Again, the paper did not endorse, but instead reviewed the pros and cons of each candidate.

With the contest over and President Biden inaugurated, we will repeat what we said in 2017. Everyone should give him a chance, whether one voted for or against him.

We have no intention of arguing policies at this point. There will be plenty of time for that, just like there’s plenty of time for Biden to show people who he is and who he isn’t. Ultimately, that will guide the people's judgment.

For now, we think it’s way past time to lower the temperature. Holding diverse political views does not automatically make anybody evil. There are extremist fringes on the left and right, though, whose operational framework is all about demonizing any who dare to disagree. That’s un-American. Daggers drawn is a posture that threatens this free country. Stand against extremism.

As Biden takes office, our most fervent hope is that people calm down and give his team a chance. Yes, we know, Trump did not get much of a honeymoon. Biden won't either from the partisan zealots. The rest of us, though, can choose to be better. Treat each other like friends and neighbors. Be civil. Politics doesn't have to be about anger and hate.