Wasting precious time on the guy who isn't there.

Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives did not do incoming President Biden any favors by muddying up the beginning of his term with another impeachment effort against President Trump.

Biden has a lot more important issues on his plate. Tying up the Senate after Trump already is gone seems absurd. Senators should slap this aside and get busy on the pandemic, economic displacement and so much more.

That’s not to say Trump should escape accountability if evidence shows he played a significant role in inciting the disgraceful assault on the U.S. Capitol. Leave that, however, to proper legal authorities. If prosecutors determine criminal action is justified, so be it. That’s the right forum for determining whether Trump has exposure to consequences.

Keep in mind, even Republicans all but shouted a congressional censure motion likely would have passed, condemning President Trump’s actions and rhetoric on Jan. 6. For Pelosi and her zealots, though, that was not enough. Always out of touch, Pelosi missed the opportunity to get a bipartisan vote followed by a pivot to Biden’s agenda. No surprise there.