Two high quality candidates seek village president post.

It has been so long many can’t remember a time without Dale Adams as the political leader in Rockton. After serving first on the village board he stepped up and was elected president at a time of need, following controversy within Village Hall and the police department.

Some 20 years later, after a stellar performance, Adams is stepping aside for a well deserved retirement. Two longtime board members—Dave Winters and John Peterson—face each other to replace Adams in the April 6 election.

Here’s the good news. Rockton voters really can’t get this wrong.

Often, in contests around the Stateline Area for municipal councils or school boards, voters rightly lament the thin choice of quality candidates. In a sense, one can understand the reluctance of busy, qualified people to run for office. To do the job right takes a lot of time. And the work is mostly thankless, especially in these most uncivil days when people’s default position can be anger and many lack any kind of filter on their mouth.

So Rockton residents are indeed lucky.

Winters has served on the board for 16 years and was involved with village planning before that. He has a construction background, a leg up in understanding infrastructure needs. He recognizes a major issue facing Rockton over the coming years is deciding whether to improve the village’s sewer capacity or explore shared services. He’s a serious guy committed to economic development, including along the Rockton Road corridor. Winters says his job allows the time to provide administrative leadership at Village Hall.

Peterson has been a board member for 12 years and he, too, was previously active in village planning. His background is in real estate, which can be a plus for economic development. He has been one of Rockton’s more active community volunteers, involved across a wide range of programs. Peterson is aware decisions will have to be made relatively soon about sewer services. He views continued development as a community priority. And he speaks forcefully about creating a “healthy village,” through outreach aimed at getting citizens more involved in making Rockton and its residents better.

This is a close call, and after decades of Dale Adams’ leadership Rockton residents find themselves at a crossroads. The good news: Either path works.

We give a very slight edge to John Peterson, based primarily on his active participation in so many Rockton activities and his fetching commitment to that “healthy village” idea.

At the same time, read no criticism into that conclusion regarding candidate Winters, who clearly is quite capable of leading Rockton.