The crisis Biden created at the border is overwhelming the Border Patrol.

“This surge is bigger than ever before,” Brandon Judd, a Border Patrol agent for 22 years and president of the National Border Patrol Council said.

Judd said, “We define a crisis when our resources are overwhelmed, when we can’t control the border, where the drug cartels are able to create gaps in our coverage, cross products that are very dangerous, and make money to where we can’t control the border or stop what’s coming.”

Illegal crossing arrests from Mexico continue to skyrocket under Biden: 178,622 in April, 180,034 in May, 188,829 in June. Those are the arrests. Tens of thousands are getting in undetected. Most are untested for Covid.

In July, 50,000 illegal immigrants were released into the country without a date in immigration court.

Judd blames Biden for ending Trump’s policies including “Remain in Mexico,” which limited illegal crossings significantly. “Once Biden got rid of that extremely successful program, he reintroduced the magnet that is called catch and release.”

Illegals know they are going to get released, leading to this huge flood. Judd said that pulls agents out of the field and allows the drug cartels to cross their opioids, cocaine, and heroin, and to exploit children.

“The cartels control what’s taking place on the border, because our hands are completely tied,” Judd said. “We’ve been completely and totally overwhelmed. This is a crisis.”

Biden created the crisis and the media sugar-coats it.



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