COVID-19 has put our state and the rest of the country through some unprecedented times this past year. Events have been canceled, postponed, gone virtual, or changed dramatically to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Like our summer summit event which I look forward to every year. Even though this event was cancelled, it only makes sense that we continue to pay attention to the truth the science we have by wearing a mask around others and practice social distancing. Another way I’m protecting myself from COVID is by being tobacco-free.

Some Facts From A Recent Study:

Individuals who smoke are more likely to be hospitalized after a COVID diagnosis, and are almost two times more likely to die after a COVID diagnosis, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

From the Stanford University School of Medicine “teens and young adults who vape are five times more likely to become infected with COVID compared with those who did not use e-cigarettes.”

“E-cigarettes do harm the lungs and, in some way, harming the lungs translate to reduced immunity to infection and that could certainly mean more problems with COVID.

This information is shocking to me and keeps me motivated to keep spreading the TRUTH about tobacco and vaping. As a member of FACT, a youth-driven movement of Wisconsin teens spreading the truth about tobacco, I hope to educate our school and community about the harmful effects of vaping and tobacco use in addition to preventing the use of these dangerous products among my peers. Visit to learn more about the work of FACT groups throughout the state.



Fact Member from Beloit Memorial High School

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