BELOIT—Four School District of Beloit District educators have received certification in New Teacher Center Mentor Training.

Kelea Christians, Kurt Handrich, Amanda Sellen and Alicia Wash completed a two-year training program offered by CESA 2 (Cooperative Educational Service Agency).

According to CESA 2, “Research on the program has shown the students of new teachers, whose mentors are trained by the New Teacher Center, have an additional two to six months of growth in Reading and Math per year, as compared to other mentor programs. The research also shows a retention rate of more than 30% higher than in districts that use other mentor programs.

“This certification means that I can continue to be a reflective educator and support those new educators as they work to grow in this profession,” Alicia Wash said.

Kelea Christians added that she understands the need for new teachers to have support and guidance by a mentor.

“For beginning teachers, the first few years can be incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging all at once. I am proud to help new educators navigate through these initial experiences while working collaboratively to foster learning within our classrooms,” Christians said.

School District of Beloit Superintendent Dan Keyser acknowledges the benefits of this training program for new teachers and students.

“Our district needs to invest in our staff, and in this case, these exceptional teachers. The knowledge and leadership they will be able to share with our new teachers are invaluable,” Keyser said. “Our students will benefit academically and emotionally from this support.”

Kurt Handrich echoed the sentiment of Keyser’s comments and was honored to be chosen to participate in the program.

“The district’s support for New Teacher Center Mentor Training shows that they have made a commitment to supporting new educators with strong mentoring that develops equitable and culturally responsive practices in their teaching to serve our diverse student population,” he said.