WHITEWATER—The University of Wisconsin—Whitewater, with campuses in Whitewater and Janesville, are planning for a safe return of students, faculty and staff in the fall.

Classes are planned to begin Sept. 2 and will be held in a variety of face-to-face, online and hybrid formates. After Nov. 20, all courses will move to a fully remote modality for the remainer of the fall semester. Residence halls will be open in the fall.

UW-Whitewater will host three virtual town hall meetings on July 9:

- 11 a.m. for faculty and staff of the Whitewater and Rock County campuses:

Event number 133 707 6554

U.S. toll free 1-800-855-749-4750

access code 133 707 6554.

- 1 p.m. for members of the Whitewater and Rock County communities

Event number: 133 987 1219

password: TMgqJ7Zmk42

U.S. toll free 1-855-749-4750

access code: 133 987 1219

- 3 p.m. for incoming and returning students and families

Event number: 133 125 3473

password: PXfd6h336Rc

U.S. toll free 1-855-749-4750

Access code: 133 125 3473