Beloit Turner High School

Beloit Turner High School is seen in this file photo. Enrollment remained fairly stable at the Turner School District, comparing numbers reported in September and numbers reported this month.

BELOIT—The Turner School District’s total enrollment this January hasn’t changed much since its student count in September, according to preliminary numbers from to Director of Business Services Brad Boll.

As of the latest count in January 2021, there were 1,615 students attending the Turner School district, compared to 1,606 in September.

The January number included 551 enrolling in from other school districts, and 126 enrolling out to other school districts for a net gain of 425 students from open enrollment. The net gain of 425 is up from the net gain of 364 students in the prior year in January.

The increasing numbers of students will result in more than $3,453,125 in open enrollment revenue for the district for the 2020-2021 school year.

Its total 551 open enrollment-in students are coming from the following districts: Beloit, 496; Janesville, 26; Parkview, 20; Clinton, 8; and Edgerton, 2.

Wisconsin public school districts are required to count pupils for membership purposes on the third Friday in September and second Friday in January and report the data to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

In 2020-2021, the Turner School District will receive $8,125 for each student who enrolls into the district and $12,977 for each student with a disability.

The Daily News has requested similar enrollment information for the second Friday in January count from the School District of Beloit but has not received it yet.

As of this September 2020, there were 6,512 students attending the School District of Beloit. That included 123 enrolling in and 841 enrolling out for a net loss of 718 students, according to data from an earlier interview.

In an earlier interview Executive Director of Business, Human Resources and Operations Jo Ann Armstrong explained that with the three-year average of 268 fewer students used to calculate school district funding, the district would be losing roughly $2,688,461 this year.