TOWN OF BELOIT—Two top administrators in the Beloit Turner School District will receive lower salaries than originally approved for next year after they asked the Board of Education to reconsider giving them as large of pay increases.

During Monday night’s virtual meeting, a motion passed 5-1-1 to readjust the planned salary increases for Superintendent Dennis McCarthy and Director of Business Services Brad Boll.

Originally, during the June 8 meeting, the school board had voted to increase McCarthy’s salary from $149,396 to $159,683, and to increase Boll’s salary from $105,953 to $126,630. The pay increases were intended to bring them into the 80th percentile in comparison to other district administrators in the area.

The readjusted salary increases approved on Monday now amount to about $1,500 less than initially approved for McCarthy and about $7,000 less for Boll.

Prior to voting to readjust the salary increases, the board met in closed session Monday night for just over nine minutes for the purpose of evaluating McCarthy in his role as superintendent. The board then returned to open session to vote publicly on the salary readjustments.

School Board President John Turner and four board members—Dannie Shear, Carl McMillan, Melissa Hughes and Norm Jacobs—each voted in favor of the changes. Board member John Pelock voted against the motion, and board member Kristie Petitt abstained from voting.

The motion that was approved includes the removal of the highest and lowest outliers in the Rock Valley Conference comparables, which McCarthy said had skewed his and Boll’s salary increases to higher than what they otherwise would have been.

The phrase high and low outliers refers to the highest and lowest paid administrators in similar positions at other school districts in the area.

Pelock and Petitt both said that while they believe both McCarthy and Boll are deserving of being rewarded with higher pay, they did not want to see such large salary increases all at once.

Shear said he respected both McCarthy and Boll for requesting lower salaries than what was initially approved by the board, and he was pleased the board was able to identify a solution.

Health room project

Separately during Monday night’s meeting, the board unanimously approved a change to a construction project involving the addition of a new health room office at the high school.

Currently, the high school has no health room, and students are sent to the middle school office, where the nurse’s office is located, McCarthy said. The ongoing project will soon change that setup by having offices in both the middle and high school.

The high school health room project had previously been delayed until the district had a better idea of how many leftover referendum dollars could be allocated for the work, McCarthy said. He added the estimated remaining cost of the health room project is between $25,000 and $50,000.

The construction of the additional health room in the high school is expected to be completed at the end of August, in time for the 2020-21 school year. Corporate Contractors, Inc., based out of Beloit, is handling this construction project.

The board decided Monday to act upon a recommendation from McCarthy to also approve the remodeling of a bathroom connected to the new high school health room, in an effort to make it wheelchair accessible.