TOWN OF BELOIT—Under a new ordinance change, large vehicles such as semi trailers will not be allowed to stop at township parks or boat launches.

A public hearing was held during Monday night’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

The ordinance change states that any vehicle weighing more than 12 tons is prohibited from parking, standing or stopping in any Town of Beloit park, boat launch area or parking lot. The same rule also applies to vehicles that are used for construction purposes.

Public Works Director Joe Rose told the town board that the ordinance change is intended to prevent semi trailers from staging at local parks and damaging the pavement.

The town board also discussed reconstruction of an existing walking path extending from South Iris Drive to the parking lot of Powers Elementary School.

While final costs are subject to bids, the estimated cost to rebuild the path and restore the grass is around $26,818.

Additionally, the Town of Beloit Fire Department aims to replace all of its SCBA breathing apparatuses, because about 20 of those 32 pieces of equipment are set to expire in July.

Fire Chief Daniel Pease told the town board that he has applied for a FEMA grant that would help cover some of the cost, if awarded. He has also reached out to other fire departments to inquire about potentially borrowing spare apparatuses in the meantime.

At Monday’s meeting, Town Administrator Tim Wellnitz thanked both outgoing Board Chair Skip Rath and Supervisor Dan Schreiber for their years of service in the township.

Rath said Monday that he is grateful to have served on the board and reflected on numerous accomplishments in the township, including housing and business development, updating ordinances, road construction projects, hiring additional police officers and sharing a fire chief with the city, among other milestones. Overall, Rath said he feels confident in where the township is headed.