TOWN OF BELOIT—Public works officials in the township say their crews remain fully prepared for any other possible snowstorms amidst what’s been an average winter locally.

“We’re doing pretty good,” Public Works Director Joe Rose said. “We had a mild start to the winter, but we’re doing pretty well as far as salt reserves and overtime budgeting.”

Rose said the township ordered 600 tons of road salt ahead of this winter season, which is a little bit more than usual.

The township uses a mixture of salt and sand product, but is gradually shifting toward using more salt each year, Rose said, because salt offers better traction for vehicles and helps melt the ice and snow.

Roads Foreman Mike Birkholz said the township has used a total of around 1,000 tons of salt and sand mixture this season. The township’s winter road work season began in December.

Birkholz said that amount of product usage is in line with most other years.

He added that the township recently doubled its budget for buying road salt product, in an effort to use less sand going forward.

“We’re kind of right on track. It’s an average year for us,” Birkholz said. “In our department we’re right on track heading into February and March.”

Crews are also able to pick up sand from a local vendor and use as much of it as they need.

During the 2020 calendar year, Rose said the township used a total of 1,076 tons of sand.

Birkholz added that he encourages community members to continue to give plow drivers plenty of room to clear the roads should any other snow storms arrive this season.

Looking ahead, Rose said in case of more snow, residents should continue to remove their cars from streets so the plows can get through.

During most snowfalls, the township has about six drivers working the roads.

“They’ve done an exceptional job,” Rose said.

“Sometimes the public and the snow plow drivers get weary at this time of year, but they’re doing an important job.”