TOWN OF BELOIT—Town of Beloit officials are considering a feasibility study regarding a possible new town hall building.

The Town Board of Supervisors recently expressed interest in a feasibility study and planned to ask the town treasurer to examine when budget funds could be set aside for a study.

The township is currently using Fire Station #1 at 2445 S. Afton Road as a town hall site.

In a letter to board members earlier this month, then-Town Administrator Gene Wright said he recommended setting aside $15,000 from a recent sale of the previous town hall building at 2871 S. Afton Road towards a feasibility study and to update the master planning for the town hall. He suggested a study might begin in 2021.

Once that process is be completed, Wright wrote in the letter that a Building Committee made up of board supervisors, department leaders and community members would then meet to determine the township’s next steps.

Wright also wrote to the board that a prior study from 2005 found that the township required almost 10,000 square feet for a fully functional town hall site. He said those needs still remain about the same today.

In the letter, Wright wrote that a proposed site in the 2005 study was located southwest of the current Town of Beloit Police Department building, on township-owned land between a parking lot and some railroad tracks. Wright suggested that plot of land could accommodate an 11,000 square foot town hall facility and overflow parking.

Board Supervisor Skip Rath at a recent meeting asked whether Fire Station #2 could be examined as a viable option for a converted town hall site.

Wright wrote that Fire Station #2, located at 1143 E. Inman Parkway, is about 4,900 square feet. He wrote that building would not likely be a viable option for a town hall due to multiple reasons, including space limitations, non-heated areas in need of maintenance, insurance-related requirements to keep a fire engine on-site, inadequate restroom facilities and high costs of sprinkler system retrofitting.