TOWN OF BELOIT—Town officials are planning to hold a public forum later this year about long term goals for the community after a closed session discussions on Monday.

The Board of Supervisors adjourned into closed session at the end of a regularly scheduled board meeting Monday night. No formal action was taken.

The agenda listed the subject as “considering employment or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body exercises responsibility—town administrator.”

Town Board Chair Tammy Maegli said Town Administrator Gene Wright had wanted guidance from the board on their overall goals for the township after two new board members were elected in April and after incorporation efforts failed.

Maegli said Wright wanted to ensure “we aren’t spinning our wheels” in his role as administrator. She added that the township is in the process of setting long-term goals.

Supervisor Skip Rath said Monday’s closed session was “an informal discussion.”

Maegli and Rath said the town board aims to hold a public forum about the township’s direction and goals at a later date, once social distancing rules are relaxed.

Town of Beloit officials had planned earlier this year to meet about 2020 community values and goals in a strategic planning open session. The original January meeting had been postponed, and rescheduling has been on hold due to COVID-19.