TOWN OF BELOIT—The Town of Beloit Board of Supervisors approved a $7.4 million budget Monday and certified a tax levy of $3,660,088 for next year.

The municipal tax rate remained the same as last year at 7.09%. The tax impact for a home valued at $100,000 would be $709, for example.

Including information from Rock County, local schools and higher education facilities, Town of Beloit Finance Director John Malizio told the board that the total levy rate per $1,000 in the Turner district is $23.50, compared to a total of $23.68 in Beloit schools.

The township’s overall assessed value increased by 1.36% to $515,959,856 after a revaluation of town properties in 2019 and due to net new construction of around $9.6 million.

The 2021 town budget calls for $7,408,421 in both revenues and expenditures. About 49% of spending is designated for public safety, at $3,655,315.

Another $1.7 million will be spent on debt service, along with $830,681 on administration and $645,739 for public works.

The board also approved salaries for non-union town employees. A salary range for the town administrator was “to be determined.”

The approved salary ranges include:

  • Board chair—$2,500
  • Board supervisors (four)—$1,500
  • Fire chief—$33,750
  • Police chief—$85,503.60
  • Deputy fire chiefs (three)—$82,611.26
  • DPW director—$81,386.76
  • Police lieutenants (two)—$82,611.26
  • Finance director/treasurer—$71,050
  • Community development director—$73,195.30
  • Roads foreman—$69,542.30
  • Sewer foreman—$63,265.49
  • Town clerk—$68,985.28
  • Deputy clerk/sewer utility clerk—$48,283.14
  • Police administrative assistant—$36,400
  • Police records clerk—$40,622.40