TOWN OF BELOIT—Drivers fueling their vehicles in the 900 block of East Inman Parkway will soon have more access to grocery items and a new car wash.

The Town Board approved two separate conditional use permits Monday for Kwik Trip to purchase the Paradise Guitars building at 921 E. Inman Parkway. Paradise Guitar, and the neighboring Stop N’ Go gas station will become the site for the new Kwik Trip.

Also on Monday, in a narrow 3-2 vote, the Board of Supervisors allowed a land swap agreement to move forward between the township and Waste Management Inc.

The land swap involves trading two adjacent pieces of land in the area of W B R Townline Road on the township’s east side, allowing Waste Management to expand its fleet parking area.

Waste Management

Board Chair Diane Greenlee pointed out that according to a conditional use permit, Waste Management will be required to thoroughly clean its facilities and maintain a clean site at risk of losing their privileges.

Supervisor Carl McMillan said numerous residents have expressed concerns about excess trash found in the community. He added that he has personally noticed bushes “covered with plastic bags” along W B R Townline Road. He urged the company to maintain cleaner facilities.

“That’s something that I hope you guys look at. We’ve had a lot of neighbors upset. It’s a real concern. It’s our community,” McMillan said.

Supervisor John Pelock said several farmers have reported dealing with “a horrendous problem” of trash in fields, requiring them to stop machines to pick up garbage to avoid possible damage to farming equipment.

Supervisor James Packard Jr. pressed Waste Management for answers, including roughly how much of their business in the area comes from the township. Representatives estimated about 35%. Packard asked about how the company handles various complaints and whether they have “an action plan” to address concerns.

“I would hope that these improvements become part of your culture,” Packard said.

Representatives from Waste Management said that while each situation is different, they do their best to address complaints and follow up with residents.

Pelock moved to deny the land swap request, but the motion died. McMillan moved to accept the land swap while reiterating the company should make efforts to maintain clean grounds. That motion narrowly passed.

Kwik Trip

Representatives from the company said their intention is to build a new store that would operate 24 hours a day with a grocery section, car wash and beer cave, with more pumps and parking spots for convenience.

According to a conditional use application submitted by Project Manager Seth Waddell, building the new store would add 25 to 30 jobs on a payroll of $500,000.

There would be 10 pumps with 20 fueling locations at the gas station, along with 29 parking spaces.

Other Business

Also on Monday, the town board gave a green light for the police department to submit a grant application for funding to help purchase a new fingerprint system.

Police Chief Ronald Northrop told the board Wisconsin Department of Justice guidelines call for updated equipment. If awarded the grant, the township would only need to pay a 10% match of a total estimated cost of $30,000 for a new system. Additional operating costs are not included in that figure.