Todd third grader Mirla Hernandez, art teacher Miranda Kindschi and second grader Ryann Hendrix work on art. Hernandez, Hendrix and Cooper Lulinsky (not shown) will have their artwork moving to the Regional Wisconsin Art Education Association (WAEA) Art Show in the Capitol Rotunda in Madison.

BELOIT—Not every student gets their artwork displayed in the Capitol Rotunda.

That’s why Todd Elementary School third grader Mirla Hernandez and second graders Ryann Hendrix and Cooper Lulinsky were so excited to have their works selected.

The three students’ artwork has been showcased at the Regional Wisconsin Art Education Association (WAEA) Art Show in Madison this past week and will be moving on to the State WAEA Show in the Capitol Rotunda from Feb. 22 to March 6. The students have been invited to an artists reception on Friday, March 6 at the Capitol Rotunda in Madison, according to Todd art teacher Miranda Kindschi.

“This was the first year I have entered artwork in the show and will continue. It’s a great opportunity for students to get their artwork showcased outside their own hallways and to see other artists’ works,” Kindschi said

Ryann made a turkey with ornately patterned tail feathers. She made designs on each feather with crayon and went over it with vibrant watercolors.

Cooper’s landscape was inspired by Aaron Draplin, an artist who creates snowboard and skateboard designs including geometric work.

Cooper used the inspiration and created a landscape with mountains, trees and the sun, each nested inside each other in a paper piece landscape.

Mirla rubbed oil pastel inside of a light bulb shape which appears glowing.

“That is always a favorite with the third graders,” Kindschi said.

Kindschi said her budding artists are all very patient.

“They take their time and they really focus on trying to do their absolute best. It might not be perfect in their eyes but it usually turns out pretty good because they took so much time with their art. They really enjoy the process of art,” she said.

The little artists said they enjoy their class with Kindschi.

“It’s fun and you can learn art and learn about famous artists,” Mirla said.

“I like that you can experiment with different things in different ways,” Ryann said.

Ryann, who wants to be an author and an artist, said her teacher is really funny and she will help students if they need it with anything.

“She’s kind,” added Mirla.