BELOIT—Looking for an affordable gift and little holiday fun and food? Or would you like to swap in some new ornaments?

Sun Valley Presbyterian Church, 1650 Sun Valley Drive, will hold its first annual Christmas Shoppes from 9 a.m.—3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 4. It will include bakery items, gently-used decor for sale and lunch to go, according to organizers Judy Zhe, Kathy Carl, Edie Porter and Sharon Belding.

Each division of goodies is classified into a Shoppe. For example, the Bakery Shoppe will be loaded with Christmas sweets such as breads, brownies and cookies, and the Baskets and Bows Shoppe will be filled with beautiful bows, ribbons and baskets for sale. The Vintage Christmas Shoppe will feature a large assortment of gently used holiday ware. The New Christmas Shoppe will contain new Christmas craft items and other “pretties”

“We price extremely low and people come back again and again. It’s kind of like loaves and fishes,” Porter said.

“It really is,” Zhe said.

Soup—chicken noodle or potato—will be for sale for $3 a cup. Barbecue sandwiches will be $3 and a combo meal is $5. There will be desserts for sale as part of the bake sale. The soup will be sold “to-go” to be COVID-19 safe, although there is a small and separate dining area if necessary.

All proceeds will go to the church ministry.

“Come and visit and eat,” Porter said. “We will keep our prices very low so you won’t mind spending a little.”

“It’s a good opportunity to find a gift at a really reasonable price,” Zhe said.

Porter and Zhe came up with the idea which caught on among the flock. The church has a long and successful history with its church rummage sales and accompanying barbecue sandwiches made with the late Madeline Parker’s mouth-watering recipe. The last two rummage sales made over $2,000, with money earmarked for the Presbyterian women’s group.

The barbecue sandwiches have been a beloved and tasty hit, but production of the sandwiches had to temporarily cease during the early days of the pandemic.

At the Dec. 4 event, the tasty sandwiches with Parker’s special recipe will be back for the first time since the pandemic began, much to the delight of their fans.

“We have a lot of followers,” Belding said.

“They know when there is food involved,” Porter said.

Porter said having affordably priced Christmas decor is always a joy.

“It’s fun to watch someone’s face light up as they know they can afford it. And I think it makes the people from here who donated something happy to know it’s going to another home where it’s really wanted,” Porter said.