BELOIT—Fifth grade band and orchestra students at Aldrich, Fruzen, and McNeel Intermediate Schools will participate in a formal signing ceremony on Friday. The Beloit Memorial High School Pep Band will provide music as these students select their school ensemble.

“We understand the significance of having a band, orchestra and choir program in our school district that starts in 5th grade. How exciting for these students to be a part of a signing ceremony,” said Superintendent Dan Keyser. “We are the only district in Rock County offering band and orchestra starting in 5th grade, and we are committed to continuing to do so.”

All students will receive a T-shirt and sign a picture frame that will house their ensemble group photo.

“We continue to look for ways to show our students that the School District of Beloit places emphasis on the performing arts, starting at a young age. We value providing opportunities that meet the diverse learning needs and interests of our students,” Executive Director of Teaching, Learning, and Equity for the School District of Beloit Theresa Morateck said.

“This is an amazing and talented pipeline of 160 students that will eventually be a part of Beloit Memorial High School’s performing arts program. It is so wonderful to see these students selecting an ensemble and having the support of their teachers, schools and our District,” said Chris Behrens, Director of Bands at Beloit Memorial High School. “The positive momentum and support for our students only grow when we take the time to host a ceremonial signing such as this one for band and orchestra. I look forward to continuing the tradition of being invited to participate in the prestigious Essentially Ellington Jazz Competition and Festival. These students are our future participants.”

Future plans include a mentorship program between Beloit Memorial Highs performing arts students and intermediate students and a collaborative concert with the intermediate and high school band, orchestra and choir students performing.

For intermediate students, all fees were waived for band, orchestra, and choir and instruments were provided free of charge.