BELOIT—The School District of Beloit is cleaning and sanitizing buildings, rounding up masks and gloves and serving meals to those in need.

School District of Beloit Interim Director of Pupil Services Melissa Beavers collected about two dozen boxes of masks and a case of disposable medical gowns from school buildings. She delivered half to Beloit Area Community Health Center and the other half to Beloit Memorial Hospital, she said.

“Considering the district has boxes of masks sitting in our health offices, a decision was made to go collect and donate what we could,” Beavers said.

The School District of Beloit is currently working on cleaning and sanitizing its 13 buildings, according to Executive Director of Business, Human Resources and Operations Jo Ann Armstrong.

As of Friday morning, staff had cleaned and done maintenance on two of the 13 buildings with plans to finish them. After the buildings are cleaned, staff will take a Clorox 360 fogger machine throughout the buildings. Once the fogger goes through, sanitizing all items in the building, no one will be allowed to enter the buildings until they reopen.

Armstrong said the district continues to serve lunch and breakfast sacks, with numbers increasing each day. The district has been delivering 35 meals a day lunches to the mobile home park at 2601 Colley Road for kids who might not have safe transportation to a school site.