Courtney Kozlowski, left, and Kimberly Dailey are the owners of the Prestige Dance Company located at 1970 Sutler Ave. in Beloit. The pair have been dance instructors together for 12 years and decided to open their own studio recently.

BELOIT—Perhaps it’s the grace or the athleticism of it.

Or it could be the passion for competition.

Anyway you sway it, Kimberly Dailey and Courtney Kozlowski became enamored with the art of dance at an early age and still love the art form. That has led the two to open the Prestige Dance Company at 1970 Sutler Ave., Beloit.

“I started at age 3 and at 14 I was dancing and teaching,” said Dailey who grew up in Beloit.

“I danced competitively in high school and college,” she said.

Then about 16 years ago, Dailey became the director of a dance company in Roscoe located in the Kids Spot site.

“I started dancing at 3 and I love it. I started teaching and dancing and never could give it up.”

Kozlowski also is the director of a dance company in Antioch. Not only does she teach and direct, she performed as a professional dancer.

“I grew up dancing competitively; dance was always my go to. I auditioned for a Chicago dance company and danced professionally for eight years,” she said. “Then I decided to start teaching.”

About 12 years ago, Dailey and Kozlowski began instructing together at the Kids Spot site.

After Kids Spot was sold, the pair said it was a turning point for them and they were ready for a change.

“We decided to open this,” Dailey said of the Sutler Avenue location.

A whirlwind remodeling project occurred in just six weeks in what was the former Sears store in Morgan Square.

Walls were constructed, painting and flooring were completed as well as a stereo system installed. The dance instruction floor is “top notch” with foam padding, Dailey said.

“It’s good for bodies.”

The company has 10 faculty members teaching about 140 students.

Ages of students range from 18 months to 18 years.

“At 18 months, it’s more about creative moves, learning to stand in a line and following directions,” said Dailey who enjoys working with the younger students while Kozlowski enjoys working with the older ones.

What does it take to be a good dancer?

“It takes commitment, determination and work ethic,” Kozlowski said.

Dancing is athleticism balanced with artistry, Dailey said.

The challenge is: “You have to look good while doing something really hard,” Kozlowski said.

Daily pointed out that they run competitive dance teams and also hold recitals.

Among the classes offered are: tap, ballet, jazz and musical theater.

Prestige Dance Company is open Monday through Thursday, 4—9 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.—noon.

For more information about the company or to register for a class, call 608-299-8355.

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