TOWN OF BELOIT — The new intermediate school building in Beloit Turner School District is more than halfway complete, project leaders say.

“It’s in its final footprint right now,” said Jerry Klobucar, President of Klobucar Construction. “I’m very pleased with where things are at. We have a good group of subcontractors who are helping out with that effort.”

Beloit-based Klobucar Construction and Burlington-based Scherrer Construction are working together on the $17 million building project on South Bartells Drive in the Town of Beloit.

The new building, once completed, will be open in time for the 2021-22 school year and will serve grades two through five.

Jerry Klobucar said the building includes many state-of-the-art features, including high energy efficiency and advanced snow and water runoff.

The building, which sits on a plot of 14 acres of land, also features numerous spots for windows to provide natural lighting, said Skip Hegemann, Project Superintendent with Scherrer Construction.

“It’s a complete game-changer for our district,” Turner Superintendent Dennis McCarthy said. “This is a big deal for our community.”

McCarthy said he is very impressed with the new school’s gymnasium, which is large enough to accommodate various community uses and athletic needs in the district.

Having a new school building located closer to the other district facilities than the old Townview Elementary building on the township’s west side will also significantly reduce mileage for bus routes, McCarthy said.

The gymnasium is expected to have seating for 400 people. McCarthy added it’s also possible that junior varsity high school sports teams could share that space in the future.

McCarthy said he anticipates the new building will help carry the district forward into the future and attract more families to the area.

As of Thursday, Hegemann said more than 60% of the building was enclosed, and construction crews were preparing for winter conditions. During the winter months, he said crews will shift their focus to interior design on the building and continue working to put up drywall.

Jerry Klobucar added that crews are working to install as much roofing as possible before winter, weather permitting.

The building already has temporary electricity and gas installed. Klobucar said about 35% of the building’s brick facade is also complete. The ratio of brick to metal material is roughly 70 to 30, with more material being stone bricks.

In the coming weeks, Jerry Klobucar said crews will continue to pour material for the classroom flooring in order to allow for other interior projects to move forward.

By the end of the year, Klobucar anticipates all windows for the building will be installed.

The new school building will include roughly 30 instructional spaces, a commons area, kitchens, the gymnasium and secure parking areas.

The district is close to picking a name for the new school, which is most likely to be designated as an intermediate school, McCarthy said, signifying a transitionary age group between the elementary and middle school levels.

On Wednesday night, the district’s Communications Committee met and narrowed down their top two name recommendations after considering five name finalists, McCarthy said.

The top two names up for consideration are Garden Prairie Intermediate School and Northview Intermediate School.

The full Board of Education will further consider the top two names at its next meeting before making a final recommendation for the district to choose, McCarthy said.