Write-in candidate

Kasey Wells of Lexington, Ill. stands by his scrap metal sculpture of an elephant that he takes with him as he conducts his write-in campaign for president. Wells filed his petition to be a write-in candidate for U.S. president in Wisconsin on Wednesday.

BELOIT—Kasey Wells has been criss-crossing the nation for about five months, collecting voter signatures so he can qualify as a write-in candidate for president in most states.

Wells, 41, of Lexington, Illinois, stopped in Beloit with a scrap metal sculpture of an elephant on a trailer that attracted many curious passersby. Wells sells scrap metal, and occasionally creates scrap metals sculptures.

He filed his petition to qualify as a write-in candidate in Wisconsin on Wednesday. He has qualified as a write-in candidate for U.S. president in most states that allow write-in candidates for president (nine states do not). He has not been able to file petitions in Utah, Maine and Connecticut.

Wells said he wants the people of the United States to take back their country. He said too often, people in government gain their power because of personal wealth.

“I don’t think anyone should be able to use their personal wealth to dictate public policy,” Wells said.

He said he decided to run for office because there were so many things he thought should be changed, but he didn’t think he could change them unless he ran for president.

He has a pretty simple campaign platform. He is opposed to government corruption and private interest groups directing public policy.

He believes a government-based web service should be established so all people could view government actions and meeting agendas. He also believes the public should be allowed to vote on agenda items at all levels of government.

Wells said when he left his home in Illinois to start his campaign, he only had $500 in his pocket, but he found the experience and the people of the country refreshing.

“People have been very generous and very supportive,” he said.