ORFORDVILLE—A 36-home development is scheduled to begin soon in the village, and the village board has approved a $250,000 incentive for the project.

The Mill Valley residential development is planned for 21 acres of land near the corner of County Road K and Wisconsin Highway 213.

Zach Knutson, of Next Generation Construction of Beloit, is the developer for the project, who also currently is involved in the construction of three homes on Church Street in the village.

Knutson said he hopes to begin construction by late fall.

Village President Gary Phillips said the village board approved an incentive to reimburse $250,000 to the developer for the cost of installing infrastructur. The developer will be responsible for building infrastructure such as sewer, water, roads and street lighting. However, he first must complete five homes and finish infrastructure for the entire subdivision.

Phillips said the incentive was offered as a way to get development jumpstarted in the village.

“We really needed to do something to spark an interest in Orfordville. This was a way to sweeten the pot to get a developer to come in,” he said.

Knutson, who was born and raised in the area and attended school in the Parkview School District, said he and village officials have been discussing various sites for development, but there only are a few lots available in the village.

“The village sees they need to grow the tax base, but there are only three or four vacant lots in the village,” Knutson said.

The incentive offer to cover infrastructure costs seemed a logical fit for the village and the developer, Knutson said.

Property owners could see an increase in taxes between $30 and $50 a year to fund the incentive, but Phillips said the village could see about $88,000 in added revenue a year once the project is complete.

Phillips said no one likes to see taxes go up, but the village is expected to see benefits from this project for years to come.

He said besides the benefit to the village in the form of added revenue, the project could also attract more families to the village and bring more students to enroll in the Parkview School District.

It is expected the entire project could be complete in three to five years.

There is a second phase to the project, Phillips said, which includes the construction of four buildings containing 28 units for senior living. That development is planned for property along Highway 213.

Phillips said village officials and the developer have been working on the project for close to a year, and the village attorney, engineer and public works department have been involved as plans for the project progressed.