Highway 251

Workers man a machine that is removing the top layer of asphalt from Highway 251 near the intersection with Prairie Hill Road in South Beloit. Rock Road Company has been contracted to strip down and resurface Highway 251 between Machesney Park and the Wisconsin state line.

SOUTH BELOIT — Construction along the Illinois Highway 251 corridor is halfway complete and remains on schedule, according to a project engineer involved on the project.

Work on the $11 million project started in March from the Wisconsin state line to Forest Hills Road in Machesney Park. The project includes pavement patching, cold milling, resurfacing, guardrail reconstruction and traffic signal updates.

“Due to the reduced traffic volume in the spring, it was able to really stay on schedule, if not get ahead of the original plan,” said Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) District Two Field Engineer Justin Rusfeldt.

The portion of work from Forest Hills Road to Elevator Road is virtually complete, Rusfeldt added.

“The pavement is milled and next week they will be doing leveling and flipping traffic ahead of resurfacing, painting and new signal installation,” Rusfeldt said. “It’s moving along quite well.”

Road crews were having issues with pavement buckling due to the summer heat, he said.

“This project is moving at a pace that will be done within the construction season,” Rusfeldt said.

Motorists in South Beloit may have noticed milling work is being done and there has been work on the median.

The project is expected to be completed this fall.