BELOIT—The Beloit International Film Festival (BIFF) is calling all class reunion attendees, street dancers, Beloiters, tourists and friends to the Halfway to BIFF celebration on Aug. 7.

The event will feature films in two indoor locations during the daytime hours and one outdoor film in the evening. The event marks the halfway point between BIFF 2021 and BIFF 2022

The film features will be joining a weekend of sidewalk sales, the downtown Street Dance, Farmers Market, and the Snappers at the new ABC Supply Stadium with fireworks, along with six area class reunions. BIFF Executive Director Greg Gerard said he thought it would be a great time for BIFF to join the energy of the many activities.

“A summertime BIFF Mini-Fest in August is like Christmas in July,” Gerard said. “After what we have all had to put up with this year, we decided not to wait until 2022. We have pulled together some of BIFF’s all-time favorites that have ties to the area, plus a brand new film from Nashville.”

The films will be presented at three downtown venues including the Downtown Beloit Association at 557 E. Grand Ave., Visit Beloit at 656 Pleasant St., and at The Gantry at State and Grand. The eight indoor films will be presented at 1 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. The outdoor film at The Gantry is scheduled for 8:30 p.m.

The film lineup includes: “Decoding the Driftless,” 1 p.m. at Downtown Beloit Association; “The SixTripleEight,” 1 p.m. at Visit Beloit; “West By Orphan Train” at 3 p.m. at DBA; “Shift Change” at 3 p.m. at DBA; “The Bear and the Owl” at 3 p.m. at Visit Beloit; “Helen” at 3 p.m. at Visit Beloit; “All the Queen’s Horses” at 5 p.m. at DBA; “It All Begins with a Song” at 5 p.m at Visit Beloit; and “Back to School” at 8:30 p.m. at The Gantry.

Nancy Clark-Mather’s company Beloit FilmWorks will be sponsoring the film at night “Back to School.” Gerard said the flick is in celebration of the local class reunions and getting close to the time of kids going back to school.

“It’s not a drive in, it’s a sit down at picnic tables or bring your own chair,” Gerard added.

Tickets for indoor films are $10 and the outdoor evening film is free. Ticket purchase information is available at

BIFF marks its 17th season in February as the region’s major international cultural event. Gerard said after being held in February with some COVID-19 considerations, he wanted to bring BIFF back to give people a taste of it in the summertime. He said the venues at the DBA headquarters and new Visit Beloit location will be great new venues for attendees to explore.