BELOIT — A sense of gratitude is in the air as Glitz & Go’s adopt a grandparent program is blowing up in popularity, with lots of help from community members.

The adopt a grandparent campaign, which began last week, involves creating hundreds of balloon bouquets that will soon be delivered to senior residents at dozens of assisted living facilities in the area around Valentine’s Day.

“People keep saying, ‘thank you,’ and we say, ‘no, really, thank you,’” said Glitz and Go Sales & Party Manager Diviniti Pulliam.

For $10, anyone can call Glitz & Go and ask to pay for a resident to receive a balloon bouquet with an uplifting message. Once each facility is full, the donations move on to the next one in line.

As of Monday, Glitz & Go had collected donations for more than 650 balloon bouquets and counting, with 18 different facilities signed up and several more expressing interest.

Participating facilities are located through the Stateline Area, such as in Beloit, South Beloit, Janesville, Milton, Rockton and Clinton.

Glitz & Go LLC owner Erin Boles said the store has supplies to craft as many as 1,000 bouquets, and she fully anticipates the staff will meet that goal.

Some individuals living as far away as California have even called in to donate, Boles said.

And a handful of companies in the area have called in to adopt every single resident at entire facilities.

“It means a lot,” Boles said. “I’m just speechless. I’m so blown away by it.”

As a Beloit Memorial High School alumna, Pulliam said she feels proud to be helping senior residents while also rallying the community for a good cause.

Amidst the pandemic and stresses that come with it, Pulliam said she is excited to see senior citizens light up with joy when they receive heartfelt messages to boost their spirits.

“There’s still love in the air, and there’s still people that care and want to do it,” Pulliam said.

“Never underestimate the power of balloons,” Boles added. “Something so simple brings so much joy.

The deliveries will begin on Feb. 8, the Monday before Valentine’s Day weekend, to allow for plenty of time to bring the gifts to each facility.

Boles said the adopt a grandparent campaign has kept the store abuzz every day, as employees are eager to see it through.

Walk-in customers are quick to donate. Phones are ringing at all hours. The list of sponsored residents is growing fast. Social media is busy with new messages and posts. Whole facilities are selling out rapidly.

The grateful employees at Glitz & Go can’t help but smile.

“We just keep talking about it in amazement and how our community is really stepping up,” Boles said.

The community members who have donated deserve a profound “thank you,” Boles said, because their generosity has transformed an idea into action.

Boles added that Glitz & Go is already planning ahead for another adopt a grandparent drive in September. Perhaps for a second go-around, she said, the staff might switch things up with flowers instead of balloons.

To donate to the adopt a grandparent program, call the store at 608-313-8460, or visit Glitz & Go’s Facebook page for more information.