Beloit Memorial High School (BMHS) students are shown working on a project in 2019. On Oct. 22, BMHS will host Mavens of Manufacturing youth tour to have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders in manufacturing.

BELOIT—Mavens of Manufacturing Tour Event Coordinator Meaghan Ziemba has pulled together a vibrant and prestigious group of industry leaders in manufacturing to present on Oct. 22 at Beloit Memorial High School (BMHS) both virtually and in-person.

“This will be an exciting day for Beloit Memorial High School students. They will have the ability to hear from and interact with industry leaders in manufacturing from across the country,” said Deb Prowse, Beloit Memorial High School academy coach. “The presenters are all willing to share their expertise and experience with our students. They are taking the time to encourage our students to pursue their career goals and are offering them a pathway to do it.”

“We continue to think beyond now and look for ways to connect our students to career, college, and community opportunities that offer our students a bright and successful future,” said Superintendent Dan Keyser. “Working with Meaghan Ziemba and her connections is just another way our district thinks outside of the box for the benefit of our students.”

The in-person keynote speaker is Andrew Crowe, leader of the New American Manufacturing Renaissance. Crowe is on the front lines in the battle of closing the workforce and skills gap in the manufacturing Industry. He teaches manufacturing industry leaders how to reach and hire the next generation of the manufacturing sector by growing awareness of the industry among our youth by being at the forefront of training the next generation of skilled manufacturing industry leaders.

Other Presenters include: Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy Jesse Salazar; MTDCNC Global General Manager Tony Gunn; The Manufacturing Millennial Jake Hall; Founder of Equity Machine Works SPC Justin Sherman; FedEx Senior Technical Advisor Aaron Prather; and Tim Wilborne of TW Controls.

Ziemba is coordinating this event in collaboration with BMHS. Ziemba is a brand storyteller and marketer for manufacturers with a B.A. and M.A. in professional and technical writing. She has been writing for manufacturing since 2008 and hosts a live video broadcast series called Mavens of Manufacturing. The series focuses on women in the sector and its mission is to attract younger generations to join manufacturing or engineering career pathways to help close the skills and gender gaps.

Beloit Memorial High School will host a Mavens of Manufacturing Tour on Oct. 22 which will allow virtual and in-person experiences with manufacturing representatives.

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