BELOIT—The School District of Beloit Board of Education met in closed session Monday evening to discuss a potential land exchange with Beloit Health System and voted to approve a settlement agreement with a former coach.

The board did not vote to approve the land exchange. In closed session the board discussed plans by Beloit Health System (BHS) to exercise its right under a 2014 easement agreement to exchange the Morgan Elementary School property at 1811 Lee Lane, but did not take action in open session, according to Board of Education Kyle Larsen in an interview after the meeting.

The health system received a copy of an offer on the Morgan school property, triggering it to pursue the land exchange outlined in the 2014 agreement. The district was required to present the offer to the health system under the terms of the contract. As part of the exchange outlined in the 2014 contract, BHS would get the Morgan School property of 4.8 acres and the school district will get 4.8 acres of the easement property which the school used to build a track and athletic fields for Fruzen Intermediate school.

Larsen said the board also met in closed session Monday to discuss a complaint filed by a former coach regarding behavior by former Superintendent Stanley Munro. When the board came out into open session, he said board member Amiee Leavy made a motion to fulfill the financial obligation disclosed in the agreement which had been discussed in closed session.

Larsen confirmed there was an investigation into the complaint by the district, and the results are in a settlement agreement between the district and the former coach. The complaint was filed in federal court.

The Daily News is filing an open records request regarding the complaint, the investigation and the settlement documents.