BELOIT—The School District of Beloit Board of Education members want to look locally for the next superintendent and run the search process themselves.

The board is preparing to search for a new superintendent due to the Jan. 16 resignation of former Superintendent Stanley Munro. Three of Munro’s cabinet members and a security officer had filed complaints in the school district claiming Munro had created a hostile work environment. The school board has appointed interim co-superintendents Bill Beckley and Sue Green who will serve until June 30.

The board plans to set a board workshop in early March to further discuss its plans to move ahead with the search.

Board of Education President Jeff Klett kicked off the discussion at Tuesday’s board meeting, noting a search firm contacted him and told him there are 48 open superintendent searches out of 420 in the state today, making it very difficult to fill the position.

Klett said the district used Ray & Associates for the search last time to find Munro. There was an agreement with the search firm that if the superintendent resigned within two years they would provide another search, mostly free of charge with the exceptions of some fees.

However, board member Megan Miller said the board should start locally. She said she worries about being tone deaf to people’s concerns by using Ray & Associates again.

Board member Pamela Charles said she was not interested in using a search firm, although she said she didn’t like the idea of waiting.

“We need to stay local and start something ourselves. I have hope that there is someone out there that is willing to come forward we can take a look at,” added board member Stephanie Jacobs.

Interim Co-Superintendent Bill Beckley said the district can place national ads and has expertise to come up with suitable candidates that the board could interview.

“To invite the community in the process is doable,” Beckley added.

Beckley said a search firm typically surveys the community for what they are looking for in the superintendent, surveys which could be conducted by the district. After an ad is placed, a committee would need to be formed to screen applications.

The board also met in closed session Tuesday to get an update on the complaints filed against Munro. Klett said the three complaints are resolved. The district will release the complaints, findings of the investigation and the resolution to the complaints in the next 10 to 15 business days.