BELOIT — The School District of Beloit Board of Education recently discussed Superintendent Dan Keyser’s vision for 2021-2022 and beyond, which includes a recommendation to add more administrator positions.

Board President Megan Miller was the only board member at the meeting in person on Tuesday when the proposal was presented. Vice President Sean Leavy, Board Member Amiee Leavy and Clerk Maria Delgado attended virtually. Treasurer Stephanie Jacobs, board member Spencer Anderson and board member John Wong were absent.

Keyser brought forth a proposed new organizational chart which would include one new position to be approved in August and three additional positions up for future discussion. Amiee Leavy also voiced support for an executive director position which was supported by some of the other board members.

Keyser said he was alerting the board of the discussion which will continue on Aug. 3 at a business, finance and operations committee when he asks for an allocation to create an Executive Director of Human Resources and Accountability position in the 2021-2022 school year.

The other three positions will be discussed further in the future. If the human resources position is approved at committee level, it would go to the full board for a vote.

Currently, the district has an Executive Director of Business, Human Resources, and Operations position. Under the proposal the human resources portion of that position would fall under the to-be-created position.

The organizational chart also included two new positions which would fall under Chief of Communications and Marketing, that of a Director of Marketing and Alumni Relations and a Director of Community Engagement and Volunteers.

There also would be a new position reporting under the to-be-created Executive Director of Human Resources and Accountability position, that of a Director of Accountability and Educator Effectiveness.

Keyser said he also is working with legal counsel to seek alignment of position titles of the top administrators. He said he wasn’t ready to talk more about it at the meeting, but would be sharing more as he gets more information.

In a follow-up email after the meeting, Keyser was asked his rationale for the Executive Director of Human Resources and Accountability position and the fiscal impact of the various positions.

“I will be presenting the information and rationale for bringing HR back into its own department on Aug. 3 to the Business, Finance, and Operations Committee,” Keyser said in his response. “At that time, I will ask the Board to consider adding a position so that I may hire an Executive Director of Human Resources. All of the other boxes are ideas that could potentially turn into positions, and the decision about these potential positions will be informed by the strategic planning process, equity work, and continuous improvement process.

At this time, the only planned position is the Executive Director of Human Resources. If the board approves the position, I would post for the Executive Director of Human Resources, which will have a recruiting salary range of $120,000 to $130,000.”

During the meeting, Amiee Leavy asked Keyser if administrative staff had conversations about having an executive director of equity. She said the district has a commitment to being an anti-racist institution, and it’s important to support the goal through full-time positions dedicated to equity.

Sean Leavy said there have been demands for more teachers of color for a long time in the district, and Maria Delgado said if the district doesn’t have any minorities in any executive leadership position, it goes contrary to the goal the district is trying to attain.

Board President Megan Miller asked if there was room to expand the pupil services position or other resources surrounding pupil services as there is a need for more mental health services especially following the pandemic year.

Keyser said any positions could evolve into director level leadership roles through the capacity of the work.